C-130 TCG - About Us

The C-130 Technical Coordination Group (TCG) was formed in 1987 to provide a more direct line of operational assistance to the Foreign Military Sales users of the C-130 Hercules aircraft. Although membership levels have varied over the years, there has been one constant... service to the member countries. This service can be as simple as providing an aircraft part number to as complex as designing a country specific structural or avionics modification.

The USAF requires that all TCG’s operate at no cost to the USAF. To comply with this requirement, the TCG charges a pro-rata amount based on flyable aircraft for membership. In return, member countries have unlimited consultation, modern communication, and total access to a dedicated staff of Logisticians, Engineers and Technicians to respond to their requests. Member countries submit their request by letter, message, fax or e-mail. However, e-mail technology has reduced the receipt of and response time to Member Country requests, which benefits the operational capability of each member countries’ C-130 aircraft. Every member country is assigned a TCG Country Manager who is completely responsible for receiving country requests and ensuring that the country receives their response in a timely manner.

The C-130 TCG organization is physically located in the USAF C-130 System Program Office (SPO), WR-ALC/LB, at Robins AFB Ga. The C-130 SPO supports a diversified USAF C-130 fleet. The USAF C-130 has been in operation and sustainment since 1954. Being co-located with the USAF C-130 SPO personnel, gives the TCG access to a vast amount of expertise and experience to respond to member countries’ requests. The TCG also has complete access to the maintenance organization, at Robins AFB, that accomplishes the Programmed Depot Maintenance (PDM) on USAF C-130 aircraft. The TCG also maintains an excellent working relationship with USAF field units and Lockheed Martin, the C-130 Original Equipment manufacturer (OEM). The availability of such maintainability, reliability, and supportability data provides valuable information at a very affordable cost.

In addition to timely responses to daily requests for assistance from member countries, the TCG also organizes two (2) annual events, that provides member countries and the TCG the opportunity for face to face meetings. The first event is the In-Country Reviews (ICRs), which normally occur during the first part of the year between January through June. A team consisting of technical TCG personnel, led by the Country Manager, visit the member country and provide briefings on the latest technical information/modifications that meets their countries aircraft effectivity, updates to best maintenance practices, and review all action items. Also the team may visit the aircraft and facilities, review maintenance procedures, answer questions or take new ICR action items. The country manager provides signed minutes of the ICR meeting before returning back to Robins AFB. The second event is the World Wide Review (WWR), which is held in the United States and is usually held in the October timeframe. The WWR is hosted by the TCG and the member countries send representatives to the week long meeting. The meetings are divided up into three categories; a Closed Forum with only the country representatives and the TCG (USAF) in attendance; an Open Forum with country representatives, TCG (USAF) and contractors in attendance; and a country specific side meeting with only the country representatives and the TCG in attendance. At the conclusion of the WWR sidemeetings the Country Manager will provide meeting minutes to each country. During the WWR contractors set up exhibit booths to display their equipment and/or services they provide in support of the C-130 aircraft.

In addition, the TCG attempts to insure the WWR is scheduled the week prior to or the week after the annual Lockheed Martin Hercules Operator’s Conference (HOC). To provide the member countries the opportunity to attend both conferences and reduce travel cost. The C-130 TCG continues to be a customer service organization. We offer the best value and provide a direct link with the USAF and the TCG Member Countries that operate the “Best Aircraft in the World”, the C-130 Hercules.